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Environmentally friendly specialized school cleaning

Effective Systems

Our effective systems allow
you to focus on providing the
best janitorial service, not just
running the business.

Carpet cleaning services Santa Monica, CA

Trained for

We’ll properly train your team
with our proven tips to
effectively use your time &

Customer Service

We’ll take care of all customer
service request in a timely
manner, so you don’t have to.

We currently partner with janitorial providers in:

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    Los Angeles County

  • image

    Orange County

  • image

    Ventura County

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    San Bernardino County

  • Riverside County

Is joining iNX right for your janitorial

60% of franchisees do not meet our high standards.

We are rigorous in our efforts to provide safety, quality
assurance, systems, employee training, and fair
employment practices. If you’re committed to providing the
best janitorial services and enjoy exceeding
expectations, iNX is right for you.

Become a Franchisee

We'll take care of the business details, so you and your team
can focus on providing great janitorial services.

Janitorial and cleaning services San Bernardino

Schedule an

We’ll meet together to
decide if we’re the right fit.

Carpet cleaning services Santa Monica, CA

If approved, we'll
partner together

We’ll prepare your team with
the right systems for

Environmentally friendly specialized school cleaning

Provide consistent
janitorial services.

Keep customers for years by
providing excellent services.


iNX franchise providers who serve
customers for 8 years or more handle
80% of our business.

In an industry where customer turnover is high & frequent, iNX
providers find consistency in their work without having to market & sell.

We’ll take care of bringing in the right customers, so you can
focus on serving them well.

Become a Franchisee


We’re committed to see your facility cleaned with
excellency, every time.